A group of teenagers takes a trip to a small town. This premise, which has given us countless teen movies over the years, now undergoes a sinister treatment, both in what effectively transpires and what doesn’t happen except in the dialogues, expectations and constructions the youths make of themselves and their futures. A thriller and a horror movie? No more than most teenage experiences, especially in the contemporary world. What could be dying, when faced with the fear of existing?


Ramon Porto Mota Founder of the production company Vermelho Profundo, Ramon Porto Mota has been developing films and TV series as a screenwriter, producer, and director since 2011. He wrote, produced, and directed the short films ‘The Guest’ and ‘The Dead’s Wish’ as well as the feature films ‘The Devil’s Knot’ – awarded at the 50th Brasilia Film Festival – and ‘The Yellow Night’ – screened at the Rotterdam International Festival.


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