Jang Woo-jin’s films unfold with beguiling, delicate grace and a tingling sensation of time. He follows up ‘Autumn, Autumn’ - an Olhar de Cinema 2017 selection -, with another widescreen study of a couple at a crossroads in the Korean city of Chuncheon, a frequent tourist destination where the wife and husband at Winter Night’s center first met. Thirty years later, they return to visit the Buddhist temple of Cheongpyeongsa, after which they are accidentally separated. As they subsequently wander the night, they meet a number of odd characters that help them find each other and more clearly see themselves.



Jang Woo-jin After graduating from Hongik University’s School of Film, Video and Moving Image, Jang Woo-jin attended Dankuk University to study directing at the Graduate School of Cinematic Content. His feature debut 'A Fresh Start won the grand prix and the Jeonju IFF and invited to Locarno. His second feature 'Autumn, Autumn' was also invited to several festivals include Berlinale Forum section. 'Winter's Night' is his third feature film.


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