The foreigner’s gaze upon the world leaves marks on the images. This premise crisscrosses 'While We Are Here' in the unlikely rapprochement between the accounts of the Lebanese woman Lamis and the Brazilian man Wilson, both living in New York. By summoning the many dimensions of self-writing, such as letters and diaries that take shape in the anachronistic fragments of music and landscapes, the film establishes dialogues (with Mekas, Perlov, Akerman). Here, the unity of the self is multiplied, travelling through many voices, acting in the distance between sound and image, past and future, myself as the other.


Clarissa Campolina, Luiz Pretti Clarissa Campolina (1979) is an associate-member in the production company Anavilhana. She directed documentaries, installations, short and feature films. In 2015, the DAAD Arts Residency Program held a retrospective of her work at the Cinema Arsenal in Belin (Germany). Luiz Pretti (1982) is a director and editor. He is one of the founders of the production company Alumbramento. He currently lives in Belo Horizonte, where he established his own production company Errante. His films have been shown at various festivals.


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