An entire family lives their routine inside an ambulance as they drive along the streets of Mexico City throughout the night. A film that is both observant to the unique dynamics of the relationship between the different family members and the extreme situations in which they find themselves as well as an acute metaphor for the precarious labor relations in a contemporary world in which the boundaries between public and private interests increasingly disappears.


Luke Lorentzen Luke Lorentzen is a graduate of Stanford University's department of Art and Art History. His first film, ‘Santa Cruz del Islote’ (2014) won awards at over ten international film festivals including the San Francisco International, Full Frame Documentary, Camden International, and Chicago International. His undergraduate thesis, ‘New York Cuts' (2015) had its world premiere at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam and its US premiere at the Camden International Film Festival. ‘Midnight Family’ (2019) won a Special Jury Award for Cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival, played as part of New Directors/New Films, and will be released theatrically in the fall of 2019. Luke is also a director and producer on the Netflix documentary series, ‘Last Chance U’ (Season 4). Originally from Connecticut, Luke currently lives on the road, most recently working on projects in Kansas, Mexico City and Italy.


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