The feature film presents a unique work method: its images come solely from films watched by the director when he lived alone in the French countryside, after the end of a relationship with his longtime partner. An engaging voiceover gradually unveils a film that resists classification, through a venture that wavers between confinement and vast freedom. Its aesthetic power lies in the several intervals upon which it exists: between image and sound, historical times and contexts, what one sees, remembers, and imagines.


Frank Beauvais Born in 1970, Frank Beauvais programmed the competitive selection from Belfort EntreVues Film Festival between 1999 and 2002. ‘Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream’ is his first feature film after writing and directing 8 short films: ‘On My Knees’, ‘Sun and Death Travel Together’, ‘Vosges’, ‘Compilation, 12 Moments of Unshared Love’, ‘I’ll Be Floating Without Any Desire’, ‘A Diamond Guitar’, ‘Un 45 Tours de Cheveu (Ceci n’est pas un Disque)’ and ‘There’s an Elephant Staring at Me’.


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