Aki murdered her friend Nodoka’s small daughter. This is not a spoiler: we learn that from the film’s opening moments. What we don’t know is why she did it, a mystery explored throughout the film: is it possible to understand, rationally or emotionally, an act such as this? How to put into action or words the horror of such sentiments? As each new scene reevaluates concepts such as acting and performing, the film confronts us with the complexity of the enigma as to what it means to be human.



Natsuka Kusano Natsuka Kusano was born in Yamato, Kanagawa, Japan in 1985. After graduating Tokai University, School of Letters, she entered The Film School of Tokyo, 12th Fiction Course. Her first feature film ‘Antonym’ was released in 2014. ‘Antonym’ got Best Director and Skip City Award at Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2014. ‘Domains’ is her second feature film.


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