To be a resistant body is to be, above all, a body bursting with love. In Cris Lyra's 'Breakwater', this body is, in fact, a collective of women's bodies that meet and touch, caring for each other and nurturing a way of life. At a New Year’s Eve party, the act of “being together” becomes resistance from the gestures, expressions, caresses, voice tones, music rhythms. You have to be alert, strong, and resolute.


Cris Lyra Cris Lyra is a director and cinematographer. ‘Quebramar’ (2019) is her second short film. In 2015, she co-directed ‘Um Homem Satisfeito’ (26th International Short Film Festival of São Paulo). She was also responsible for the photography of several short films and the feature films ‘Lembro Mais dos Corvos’ by Gustavo Vinagre, ‘Chão’ by Camila Freitas, and ‘Para'í’ by Vinicius Toro. Cris is currently interested in creating dyke cinema and reflecting upon the lesbian body within the patriarchy.


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