In a drag parody of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’ re-fabulates the classic Snow White story, narrating what would have happened after the ‘happily ever after’. The director Igor Urban makes use of an aesthetics of artificiality and exaggeration to promote displacements and estrangements in the classic images of enchanted princesses, queens, and princes.



Igor Urban Igor Urban was born in 1995, holds a BA in Film and Video from UNESPAR and participated in an exchange program at ESAP in the city of Porto, Portugal, between 2015 and 2016. He wrote and directed four films in an immersion in the universe of Drag Queens titled: ‘O Mundo Estratifica, O Corpo Se Desloca’ (2017), ‘Snow Ayla’ (2017), ‘Te Convidei Para Jantar’ (2018), and ‘Mirror Mirror On The Wall’ (2019). In addition to his projects as a director, he works as a costume designer in several audiovisual productions.


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