Romina Paula is a key actress of contemporary Argentine film. She is also a novelist, a theater artist, and, now, a filmmaker, whose enormously lovely debut feature stars her, her toddler son, and her mother in a docufictional tale of a woman coming home. Romina and child arrive at her matriarch’s house in Buenos Aires during a trial separation from her partner in Córdoba. She works as a German teacher, meets old friends, and seeks new companionship while considering whether to go back to him in a wonderful comedy about people working together to find the best ways to move forward.



Romina Paula Romina Paula, writer, playwright, theater director and actress, was born in Buenos Aires in 1979. She graduated in Dramaturgy from the EMAD (Metropolitan School of Dramatic Arts). She has published the novels ‘¿Vos me querés a mí?’, ‘Agosto’, and ‘Acá Todavía’. As a playwright and director, she’s premiered many internationally successful plays. As an actress, she has played parts in several Argentinian films. ‘El Estudiante’ by Santiago Mitre earned her the Sur Award for Best New Actress. She also starred in Matías Piñeiro’s ‘Todos Mienten’, as well as ‘La Princesa de Francia’, which played at the 2015 Chicago International Film Festival. She was also a supporting actress in ‘El Jardin de Bronce’, the most-watched Latin American series of the year 2017, HBO Original Series. ‘De Nuevo Otra Vez’ is her first film as a director and screenwriter.


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