The independence of a body. What can a marginalized body do? 'Negrum3', a documentary directed by Diego Paulino is an immersion into the life of young black people living in São Paulo. The film presents an Afro-futuristic approach, leaving the public roads – such as the street parties marked by black esthetics – and explores the daily lives of these youths, intertwining sexuality, gender, and racial issues. 'Negrum3' establishes a dialogue about living bodies: celebration is necessary.



Diego Paulino Born in the state of São Paulo and with a BA in Image and Sound from the Federal University of São Carlos, he currently lives in the state capital. His most recent production is the documentary short film ‘NEGRUM3’, currently screened in Brazil, and having already won some awards: Best Film by the Popular Jury and Brazil Canal Award at the 22nd Tiradentes Film Festival; Best Documentary Short-Film and Best Photography in a Documentary Short-Film at the 13th Cinema and Video Meeting of Sertões.


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