The existences of three black women – from different spaces, contexts, and ages – come across in a gaze. The journey of the camera-eye, in this Cuban film directed by the Brazilian Everlane Moraes, questions us beyond what we see: from what is felt, internalized, and from what may be ousted. What are we allowed to see? And what are we not? There is no doubt that “there is power in the eye”!



Everlane Moraes Specialized in Documentary Direction by the Escuela Internacional de Cine Y TV (EICTV/Cuba), with a BA in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Sergipe (UFS), and a postgraduate scholarship at the Emerging Leaders in the Americans Program (ELAP) at Concordia University/Montreal, Canada, 2019/20. She is part of Irmandade Filmes, a creative group of authors consisting of filmmakers. She participates in the Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals (A.P.A.N.).


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