Pigeon breeders from southern Spain are preparing themselves for a competition. The pigeons, with colorfully painted feathers so that each coach may discern their respective athlete, will not merely dispute a race. In this documentary directed by Elena López Riera, the ethnographic and observational record of columbicultura is sewn by reading the rules of the competition, weaving with irony and insight a binding of the regulations of hegemonic masculinity.



Elena López Riera Elena López Riera co-founded the Lacasinegra collective, which has made, among others, the feature film ‘Pas à Genève’ (2014). Her first short film, ‘Pueblo’, screened at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes 2015. Her two most recent works, ‘Las Vísceras’ (2016) and ‘Los Que Desean’ (2018), premiered at the Locarno Festival, where the latter won the Pardino d'Oro for best Swiss Short Film. Her project, ‘El Agua’, is among those selected for Ikusmira Berriak 2018.


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