Juliana Muniz's film operates in the contrast between the melancholy of mourning, in a performative and poetic fictional tone, with the austere struggle for justice. From these two separate records, one of which a staging as to how this pain may be subjectively imagined through a space of minimalist codes, the short film navigates from the individual to the collective, establishing a confrontation to the police violence that corrodes the country.



Juliana Muniz Graduated in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Juliana Muniz studied Social Communications and works with color grading and production design for films and television. ‘I'd Prefer Not to Be Identified’ is her first movie as a director. Studied color grading in EICTV - Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Cuba and also has different practices with social work and visual arts in the Parque Lage Visual Arts School in Rio de Janeiro and other cultural institutions.


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