While gigantic machines drill the ground to extract mineral resources, lives around them continue their daily routines amidst an existence replete with mechanical rituals and brief moments of intense humanity. In his debut feature film after a remarkable career with several short films, Afonso Nunes further develops his exploration between the languages of fiction and reality, revealing a particularly attentive eye for human geography and its relationship with the surrounding space.



Afonso Nunes A filmmaker since 2001. He is the producer, director, and screenwriter for the short films: ‘The Sons of Adam’ (2001), ‘The Age of Man’ (2004), ‘Sentinel’ (2007), ‘A Warlike Sense for Beautiful Things’ (2011), ‘Detour’ (2019) and the feature film: ‘The White Color’ (2019). He is the associate producer for the films: 'Diary of not Seeing' (2013) and ‘Intimate Forum’ (2017).


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