Sabá is a rubber tapper who, alongside Chico Mendes and many other comrades, fought in his youth against deforestation in the Amazon caused by the advance of agribusiness and land concentration, participating in popular demonstrations for the so-called “ties”. Sérgio de Carvalho’s documentary rescues, from within the home where Sabá and his wife Joana live, the memory of this period between the 1970s and 1980s.


Sérgio Carvalho Sérgio de Carvalho is a director, producer, and writer. He holds a BA in cinema from Estácio de Sá University – Rio de Janeiro, 2004. He is currently the President Director of the Garibaldi Culture Municipal Foundation in Rio Branco/Acre and director of the production company Saci Filmes. His direction works include the projects: TV series ‘Nokun Txai – Our Txais' (2016/2017) and ‘O Olhar que Vem de Dentro’ (2017); the feature-length documentary 'Empate' (2018) and currently in pre-production phase his first feature-length fiction film ‘Noites Alienígenas’.


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