‘Sun Inside’ is a youthful work in the most vigorous sense of the word. The film’s formal hybridism, so fashionable in contemporary Brazilian cinema, presents itself delicately, indebted to the workshops administered by the director herself in Rio das Pedras, Rio de Janeiro. The film is also permeable to the wishes and anxieties of its four protagonists: Karol, Junior, Ronaldo, and Caio. From there blooms a universe neither idealized by the gaze of adults nor burdened with preconceptions, but fabled by the youths themselves amidst the challenging process of becoming an adult.



Jo Serfaty Jo Serfaty began working with cinema by editing the film ‘Brasilia 18%’ by Nelson Pereira dos Santos. She directed four short films, ‘The Lighthouse Island’ (2017) and 'Confetti' in partnership with Mariana Kaufman – Best Female Director Award (2012). She also directed the short fiction film ‘At the Table’ (2013), 'Fish' (2014) in partnership with Diogo Oliveira, and co-directed 'Still' with Isaac Pipano. Her first feature film ‘Sun Inside’ won the Helena Ignez Prize at the Tiradentes Film Festival.


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