Similar to the quilombola communities in Brazil, palenques are communities originally formed by black refugees during the country’s slavery period. In this documentary, director Brandán Cerviño paints a current portrait of El Cobre, a cimarrón palenque village in Cuba organized around mineral extraction. The cultural heritage and memory of those enslaved still resist, and change through the erasures imposed by colonialism.



Brandán Cerviño Brandán Cerviño graduated in Fine Arts (2015) from the University of Barcelona, where he obtained a diploma of honor for his documentary projects and his graduation project was selected for the exhibition S/T 15. He holds a specialist diploma in Documentary from the International School of Cinema and Television of Cuba, EICTV. He directed several short documentary films, including ‘La Viva Imagen’ (2016), ‘Carta a Leningrado’ (2018), and ‘En La Boca de La Mina’ (2018). He is currently developing his first feature film ‘Saigón’ (Cuba).


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