What can a camera do in warfare? Such is the driving question in this film made from over 500 hours of material captured by its directors during four years immersed in the conflicts in Syria. A document from inside one of the bloodiest places in the world reveals the individual human dramas always concealed by the violence statistics. If one of the powers of cinema is to make us see something like never before, then this is a film for cinema.


Saeed Al Batal, Ghiath Ayoub Born in 1988 in Tartous, Syria, Saeed Al Batal is a citizen journalist, photographer and filmmaker. He led numerous trainings in photography and news reporting. He worked as a reporter for various radio stations and wrote articles on Syrian current affairs for agencies and institutions worldwide.Born in 1989 in Yabrod, Syria, Ghiath Ayoub is a filmmaker and visual artist.


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