Inspired by Robert Musil's eponymous tale, with its dialogues adapted by the writer Agustina Bessa-Luís, ‘The Portuguese Woman’ takes place in 16th century northern Italy, on the eve of the Council of Trent. Saudade (Longing) – a term that insists on its ties with the Portuguese language – runs through the life of the enigmatic titular young woman, while the years fade away without her returning to her native country. For her husband, the noble Von Ketten, home is war. The dense atmosphere created by the award-winning director Rita Azevedo Gomes evokes textures – literary, pictorial – in a strikingly powerful visual experience.



Rita Azevedo Gomes Rita Azevedo Gomes is a versatile and independent filmmaker exploring new forms of expression. Since the 1970s her activities encompass areas such as Theater, Opera, Graphic Design, and Cinema. She worked alongside João Bénard da Costa at the Service Cinema of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and at the Portuguese Cinematheque –Cinema Museum. She has received critical acclaim and awards for her films in several countries and Festivals – Locarno, Venice, Montreal, Rotterdam, Bafici, Buenos Aires, Turin, Viennale, Jeonju, Doc Lisboa, Marseille, Cinesul Rio, Japan, etc. She currently works in the Permanent Programming Department of the Portuguese Cinematheque–Cinema Museum.


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