This big-hearted popular comedy focuses on Salam, who begins as a production assistant and becomes a writer for a hit Palestinian soap opera called Tel Aviv on Fire. The Palestinian man lives in Jerusalem and each day crosses a checkpoint to work on the Ramallah-based set of a show about a spy involved with an Israeli general during 1967’s Six-Day War. One day, he is stopped by an Israeli officer that loves the show, but has some ideas for improving it. Salam subsequently makes efforts to please audiences on both sides while looking for ways to play fair with himself and with history.


Sameh Zoabi Sameh Zoabi was born and raised in Iksal, a Palestinian village near Nazareth. He graduated from Tel Aviv University in Film Studies and English Literature, then received a Fulbright Fellowship to pursue an M.F.A. in Film Direction from the School of the Arts at Columbia University. He’s also the recipient of prestigious residencies at the Cannes Festival Cinefondation as well as the Sundance Screenwriters Lab.


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