Jaqueline picked yet another fight at school. This was not her first time, nor does it look like it will be the last. In Higor Gomes’ film, ‘Waterproof Wick', a girl of few words knows that her freedom depends only on herself. Her most faithful companion is a bicycle that may help her endure the constant environments where her mere presence is a point of tension.



Higor Gomes Higor Gomes holds a degree in Film and Audiovisual from the UNA University Center (2018). His graduation film is called 'Waterproof Wick' and had its premiere at the 20th International Short Film Festival of Belo Horizonte. It was also selected for the 51st Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema, where it received the Zózimo Bulbul award in the FESTUNI selection. He is currently his first feature film, 'Storm Ninja'. He is a founding partner of the production company Ponta de Anzol Filmes.


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