‘Home’ painstakingly elaborates a cinematographic genealogical tree based on the relationship between a daughter (the director) and her mother. The film intersects stories, forms of self-writing – letters, testimonies, interviews – and image files, admitting the complexity in the incidence of time over memories, bodies and personal relationships, all of which imbued with tensions. Like a rare piece that draws its strength from its apparent simplicity, the film assembles stories about a city and a generation to surpass the supposedly intimate nature of a personal narrative.


Letícia Simões Letícia Simões (Salvador, 1988) is a Brazilian poet, documentarist, and writer. She directed the documentaries 'Bruta Aventura em Versos' (2011), ‘Tudo vai ficar da cor que você quiser’ (2014), and ‘O Chalé é uma Ilha Batida de Vento e Chuva’ (2018), a trilogy about Brazilian poets. She holds a Master’s degree in Film-essay from EICTV (Cuba) and in Contemporary Art Studies from UFF (Rio de Janeiro). Her poems have been translated into English, Spanish, and German.


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