May 2018: it has been a few days already since Brazil has all but come to a halt due to a nationwide truckers’ strike. The filmmakers Quentin Delaroche and Victoria Alvares, who in 2018 screened their documentary ‘Camocim’ at Olhar de Cinema, decide to grab their equipment and head out to one of the roadblocks and listen to the truckers. There they face the precise portrait of a confused and somewhat desperate country. A country that a few months later would "manifest" itself in the elections. The urgency of the filmmakers’ cinematographic impulse provides us with a new glimpse at a heavily mediatized situation.



Quentin Delaroche, Victoria Alvares 'Bloqueio' is the first feature film by Victoria Alvares and the fourth film by Quentin Delaroche, who previously directed the documentaries ‘Camocim’ (2017), ‘Marie, The Cancer Tamer’ (2016), and ‘Nomad's Land’ (2014).


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