Guto Parente

Guto Parente, 33 years old, has made seven shortand 6 feature films – “Estrada para Ythaca” (2010), “Os Monstros” (2011), “No Lugar Errado” (2011), “Doce Amianto” (2013), ” a Misteriosa Morte de Pérola” (2014) and “O Estranho caso de Ezequiel” (2016). His films were screened in festivals such as Locarno, Rotterdam, Viennale, AFI, FIDMarseille, among others. Today is finishing his 7th and 8th feature films – “O Clube dos Canibais” and “Inferninho”. He is partner of the production company Tardo Films.

Maria José Santacreu

Maria José Santacreu (Montevideo, 1967). Is the director of Cinemateca Uruguaya and the International Film Festival of Uruguay. She is the editor for Arts and Culture of Semanario Brecha.

Philippe Gajan

Philippe Gajan is the programming director of Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montreal. He has been part of the festival since 1999. He is also film critic and director of the magazine 24 images.

Outros Olhares

Bárbara Rangel

Graduated for Fluminense Federal University. Has a Master degree in Preservation and Presentation of Moving Image from amsterdam University, and for that project, worked on the files of Portuguese and French Cinematheques. Today is part of the cinema programming team for Moreira salles Institute and is responsible for editing the DVDs released by the institution.

Luís Fernando Moura

Curator, programmer and researcher of films. Programmer coordinator for Recife’s Janela Internacional de Cinema. Journalist, with essays published in papers as Diário de Pernambuco, São Paulo’s Jornal do Comércio, and magazines such as Continente, Tercer Film e La Fuga. Master an PhD in progress in social Communication by Minas Gerais Federal University, where he develops a research that put together cinema theories, philosophy and studies about animality.

Monica Delgado

Director of Desistfilm. a Peruvian film critic with an academic background in social communication and Cultural Studies. She has published different articles and essays about cinema in various online and printed magazines.

New Views

Lili Hinstin

Lili Hinstin was born in 1977. She founded the production company Les Films du Saut du Tigre in 2001. From 2005 to 2009, she was in charge of the movie theater of the French Academy in Rome Villa Médicis. Programmer for different structures, she was artistic director deputy for Cinéma du Réel international Festival at centre Pompidou from 2010 to 2013. she is the artistic director of Entrevues Belfort International Festival since 2013.

Marcelo Alderete

Programmer for the Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata (Argentina). Programmer for the ANTOFADOCS (Chile). collaborator for the magazine Haciendo Cine.

Ulrich Ziemons

Ulrich Ziemons is a film curator based in Berlin. He is one od the cocurators of the Berlinale ForumExpanded program, as well as a member of the short film selection committee of Dokfest Kassel. He has curated film programs and exhibitions for Kochi Muziris Biennale, MMCA Seoul, Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video art Berlin, a.o. In 2014 his book “Aufzeichnungen eines Storm Squatters” was published, the first German language monograph on the American underground filmmaker George Kuchar.

Critic's Award (ABRACCINE)

Adriano Garret

Graduated in journalism from Casper Líbero College, he is the founder and editor of Cine Festivais, the first Brazilian journalistic site specialized in covering film series, retrospectives and film festivals. He dedicates himself to the thought of film selection and programming. He conducted interviews with curators of some of the major Brazilian festivals. As a reporter and film critic, he also collaborated with Opera Mundi.

Pedro Plaza

Researcher and professor, he is a PhD by USP with a thesis about modern cinema criticism in Brazil. Acted in the Archive of Paulo Emilio Salles Gomes / Cinemateca Brasileira. He is a professor in the history department and in the post-graduate program in history at Federal University of Paraná. He published articles, with highlights in Arte e Política no Brasil: modernidades, (Perspectiva, 2014), Olhares: audiovisualidades contemporâneas brasileiras (Felcicram, 2016). He also collaborated in the magazines Sinopse (USP), Antíteses (Londrina), Iluminuras (Porto Alegre), Cadernos do Tempo Presente (Aracaju), Contracampo (UFF) and Significação-Revista de Cultura Audiovisual (USP).

Orlando Margarido

Cultural area reporter, film and plastic arts critic. He worked in the magazines Veja São Paulo and Carta Capital, besides the newspapers Diário do Grande ABC and Gazeta Mercantil. He is part of the selection committee of É Tudo Verdade IDF. He wrote Ser Ator – Antonio Petrin (Imprensa Oficial). He collaborated in the books Manoel de Oliveira (CosacNaify/Mostra SP, 2005) and 100 Melhores Filmes Brasileiros (Letramento/Abraccine). He is one of the organizers of Bernardet 80 – Impacto e Influência no Cinema Brasileiro (Paco/Abraccine). He is Vice President of Abraccine.

Neusa Barbosa

Journalist, writer and researcher, she holds a postgraduate degree in Art History. she worked in the Folha de S. Paulo, O Estado de S. paulo and Veja S. Paulo magazines. She created and has editated the Cineweb website since 2000. Collaborator of the agency Thomson Reuters. Conducts courses and curators of cinema screenings. She has been a member of the selection committee of É Tudo Verdade IDF since 2006. She was a founding partner of Abraccine and the collective group Elviras de Mulheres Críticas de Cinema.

Yale Gontijo

She is a cultural journalist, screenwriter and film critic. Worked in the Culture team of correio Braziliense newspaper for seven years. she is a partner of the Brazilian Film Critics Association (Abraccine) and funding partner of collective Elviras de Mulheres da Crítica de Cinema.


Bruna Machado

Graduated in audiovisual by the University of Brasilia, with a master’s and doctorate (In progress) in Literatures, in UFSC Literature Post-Graduation Program, currently ministeres the disciplines of Cinema Theories I and Audiovisual Narrative in the course of Cinema and Audiovisual of UNESPAR, as a collaborating teacher.

Carlos Eduardo Lourenço Jorge

Mineiro from Belo Horizonte. Cinema by FAAP (71 to 74). Creator of the film and Video Division of the State University of Londrina. Curator of the UEL cinema room. Critic of Folha de Londrina, Londrina journal and Folha de Londrina. Collaborator in specializes publications or not. Coverage of national and international film festivals. since 1997 in Cannes. Since 1995 in Venice. Coordinator of debates. Gramado Festival since 1980.

Daniel Pereira

Daniel Pereira is director, director of photography and screenwriter. He has been developing projects for cinema, television and advertising for 11 years.



Juliana Sanson e Fabulário Filmes
Módulo: Longa-metragem Ficção


Mariana Tesch Morgon e Lusco Fusco Filmes Ltsa – EPP
Módulo: Longa-metragem Ficção

Barões Detrás do Morro

Marcela Bordin, Germano de Oliveira, Avante Filmes, Besouro Filmes, Casa de Cinema
Módulo: Longa-metragem Ficção


Fernanda Pessoa e Moro Filmes
Módulo: Longa-metragem Ficção


Bruno Carboni, Marcela Bordin e Tokyo Filmes
Módulo: Longa-metragem Ficção

O Homem Cordial

Iberê Carvalho, Pablo Stoll e Pavirada Filmes
Módulo: Longa-metragem Ficção

O Vulto do Pássaro

Douglas Soares, Humberto Carrão e Glaz Entretenimento
Módulo: Longa-metragem Ficção

Sereis uma só Carne

Andréa Kalaboa, Tiago Lipka e GP7
Módulo: Longa-metragem Ficcção

Capítulo XIX

Luiz Ernani Lepchak
Módulo: Documentário

Corpo Fissura

Laís Melo Dlugosz
Módulo: Documentário

Entre Paraísos Ficcionais e Terras Prometidas

Shai Oliva Alon
Módulo: Documentário


Bruna Steudel
Módulo: Documentário

No Meu Coração Reina a Congada

Leandro Cordeiro
Módulo: Documentário

No Topo do Mundo

Diego de Mello Rego Lopes
Módulo: Documentário


Camila Macedo Ferreira Mikos
Módulo: Documentário


Eduardo Martins Zimermann Camargo
Módulo: Documentário


Rafael Waltrick
Módulo: Série

Corpo de Delito

Fernanda Morini
Módulo: Série

Deus, o Diabo e a Vida

Julia Vidal
Módulo: Série

Histórias do Busão

Alessandra Pajolla
Módulo: Série


Fernando Coelho
Módulo: Série


William de Oliveira
Módulo: Série


Meet the Programmers

The team of curators and programmers of the Olhar de cinema takes stock of the festival films, contextualizing them.

Cinema of Invention

Directors from different generations talk about Cinema of Invention, irreverent and provocativa films produced in the late sixties and early seventies, and their reverberations in contemporary productions festival.

Screenwriting for TV Series

Important national writers, authors of works like Carcereiros and supermax, talk about their works and the TV market for writers.

Murnau's Legacy

The influence of the German master in the History of world cinema.

Masterclass Ignacio Agüero + screening This is the Way I Like it

Talk about the work of Chilean documentary filmmaker Ignacio Agüero: his aesthetic and thematic influences, his creative process. Moderated by Carla Italiano.

Vlogger Critics

Talk about the new tools for analysis, reflection and debate about movies.

Masterclass Anocha Suwichakornpong

Talk about the work of Thai director Anocha Suwichakornpong: her aesthetic and thematic influences, her creative process. Moderated by Aaron cutler.

Elviras - Women Cinema Critics Collective Group

Discussion about the insertion of women in cinematographic criticism and on the female view for films directed by women and men.

Book Release Bernardet 80 - Impact and Influence in Brazilian Cinema

This work, written by Ivonete Pinto e Orlando Margarido, deals with the critical performance of the long-time, prolific and active film thinker Jean-Claud Bernardet, Demonstrating the ramifications and influences of his thought in national cinematographic production through articles written by filmmakers, academics and researchers.


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