Anette Dujisin

With a background of Contemporary History, Anette started working as assistant diretor of italian independent filmmaker Corso Satani, a collaboration that lasted almost 10 years. Then she moved on to film festivals. She is programmer of Venice International Film Critic’s Week, as well as coordinator of Industry events in When East Meets West co-production forum in Trieste Film Festival and programmer for Festa do Cinema Italiano in Lusofone countries.

Cecilia Barrionuevo

Since 2010 up to the present she is a programmer of the Mar del Plata international Film Festival. She has collaborated as a guest programmer for other film festivals and museums. She is a co-editor of the publication Las Naves Cine. She has collaborated as a writer in several cultural publications, participated in roundtable discussions and has been a jurist at international film festivals. She has in MA in Creative Documentary Making. In 2013, she has a fellow in the Flaherty Film Seminar NY.

Paul Dallas

Paul Dallas is a writer, producer and journalist. His writing has appeared in Artforum, BOMB, Cinema Scope, Extra Extra, Film Comment, Filmmaker Magazine, Indiewire and Interview Magazine. He has curated film for Columbia University, Guggenheim Museum and Union Docs. He recently worked on Michael Almereyda’s upcoming drama ‘Marjorie prime’. Currently, he is developing several feature-length projects with director Fréderic Tcheng. Paul is a graduate of The Cooper Union in New York.

Olhares Brasil

Andrea Stavenhagen

After working in IMCINE’s Short-Film Direction and in the Sub-directorate of Centro Capacitación Film, she directed the Encuentro Iberoamericano de Coproduccióna and other activities of Industria del Festival de Guadalajara. She co-directed the Taller Morelia Lab, an essential initiative for the formation of producers. She is currently a Delegate from Latin America for the Festival de San Sebastian, coordinator of professional initiatives of Morelia and a collaborator for Sarajevo.

Daniel Queiroz

Born in Belo Horizonte, he worked as a programmer for Cine Humberto Mauro, as the audiovisual director for the Secretariat of Culture of the State of Minas Gerais, and as the programming coordinator for the International Short Film Festival of Belo Horizonte. Since 2012 he has worked as the programmer at Cine 104 and, since 2013 as a curator in the festival Semana dos Realizadores.

John Campos Gómez

Peruvian cinephile. As an independent developer, he conducts specialized cycles in cultural centers and universities in Peru as well as in international festivals such as BAFICI (Argentina), Radical (Bolívia), FICValdívia (Chile). He also writes about film in the Argentine website, works as na editor for, and is a columnist for the magazine Cinéfilo (Cordoba, Argentina). He is also a programmer for FICValdívia (Chile) and director of Transcinema, International Film Festival.

New Views

Boris Nelepo

Boris Nelepo is a film critic and festival programmer. He curated several film festivals and the retrospectives of Želimir Žilnik, Peter von Bagh, Marlen Khutsiev, Beta Tarr, Pierre León, Philippe Garrel and Seijun Suzuki (Moskow). Boris has written for a number of Russian and International publications such as Trafic (France), MUBI (USA), Cinema Scope (Canada), Libération (France), Lumiére (Spain), Moving Image Source (USA). He is the Russian film consultant for the Locarno Film Festival.

Dennis Lim

Dennis Lim is the director of programming at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. He has written for various publications including The New York Times, Artforum, Cinema Scope and The Village Voice, and is the author of the critical biography David Lynch: The Man from Another Place (2015). He has taught at Harvard, New York University and the New School.

Eduardo Valente

International advisor for ANCINE between 2011 and 2015, he graduated in cinema from UFF and holds a Master’s degree from USP. Filmmaker, critic and film festival curator. He directed three short-films and one feature film, all exhibited in different sections of the Cannes Film Festival; he was editor of virtual magazines Contracampo and Cinética and founder of Semana dos Realizadores.

Critic's Award (Abraccine)

Charlene Dinhut

Charlene Dinhut works at the Centre Pompidou Paris, as film curator. She also works as a film curator at the Museum for Hunting and Nature, a very peculiar venue in Paris for contemporary art.

Geraldine Gomez

Geraldine Gomez works at the Centre Pompidou Paris, as film curator. Holder of a thesis in history of the contemporary art, Geraldine Gomez impassions herself for the image and notes with pleasure how much the new media contributes to its modernity. In 2005, she invented the event Hors Pistes.


Encontro no Fim dos Dias

Direction and Screenplay: Daiane Marcon e Daniel de Bem.
Production: Tokyo Filmes e Avante Filmes.


Direction and Screenplay: Dov Zylberman
Production: João Carvalho


Direction and Screenplay: Thiago Brito e Isabella Raposa.
Production: Lúdica Produções Audiovisuais.

Mar Aberto

Direction and Screenplay: Amaranta César.
Production: Descontínuo Filmes.


Direction and Screenplay: Luciana Vieira e Victor Costa Lopes.
Production: Tardo Filmes.


Direction and Screenplay: Felipe Santo.
Production: Punta Colorada de Cinema.


Curatorship and Programming

The role of a film programmer in festivals and exhibitions: the legitimation of aesthetic trends and the pursuit of new languages. The different work methods and the relationship with the film market.

Women in Cinema

The participation of women in cinema: how to gain space in a mostly male environment and become a protagonist in the construction of new cinematic discourses? The consequences of the low number of women directing, programming, exhibiting and producing critical material about cinema.

Culture Amidst a Coup

Amidst the ongoing parliamentary coup of President Dilma Rousseff, the interim president Michel Temer in his first day in office abolished the Ministry of Culture, founded in 1985. What are the advancements in Brazil’s cultural sector since the creation of the Ministry? What are the social, cultural and economic consequences of its extinction?

A Conversation About Person

Debate on the work of filmmaker Luiz Sérgio Person: his personal relationship with recurring themes, authoring issues, his relationship with Cinema Novo, the divergence between Cinema Novo (in Rio) and the São Paulo cinema among other stories.

Masterclass Matías Piñeiro

A debate on the oeuvre of the young Argentine filmmaker Matías Piñeiro: his aesthetic and thematic influences and the creative processes, in addition to excepts from his concluded films, the director will present excerpts from his latest work, still in progress, the feature film ‘Hermia & Helena’.

Critics and Curatorship

The relationship between criticism and curatorship within cinematic thought. What are the convergences and divergences between curators and programmers regarding contemporary cinema? In the midst of a conflict of interests, how does on prevent one party from subjugating another?

Young Actors – Non-professional Actors / Non-actors

The challenges and pleasures of working with a young and/or non-professional cast. A case study of the film ‘A Cidade do Futuro’ (by Cláudio Marques and Marilia Hughes) and the TV series ‘Nóis por Nóis’ (by Aly Muritiba and Jandir Santin), both in the presence of the cast of young actors and non-professional actors.


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