Ariel Schweitzer

Cinema historian, film critic in the French magazine “Les Cahiers du Cinema” and professor (Paris VIII / Tel-Aviv University), Ariel Schweitzer last book published in France is “Les Nouveau Cinéma Israélien” (Yellow Now, 2013).

Eva Sangiorgi

Founder and director of FICUNAM, Film Festival in Mexico City since 2011. She has worked as a programmer for several film festivals, including the Festival of Ibero-American Cinema in Bologna, Italy; FICCO in Mexico City, Cinema Global, Cinema Planeta, in Cuernavaca, Morelos, and the International Film Festival in Los Cabos.

Rodrigo Grota

Filmmaker and partner in the Kinopus producing company. He has directed 12 films, winning over 50 awards in national and international festivals, especially his ‘Trilogia do Esquecimento’. With a degree in Journalism, he is a specialist in Philosophy and holds a Masters in Literature – courses of the Kinoarte, institute where he worked for 10 years (2003-2013) developing projects and coordinating workshops and festivals. He is currently finalizing his first feature length film: ‘ Leste oeste’.

Olhares Brasil

Francesco Giai Via

Festival programmer and film critic based in Torino, Italy. Since 2006 he’s been collaborating with the Nacional Museum of Cinema. From 2006 until 2014 he’s been documentary programmer for Torino Film Festival in charge of the international documentaries selection and the two Italian competitions, italiana.doc and italiana.corti. Since 2012 he’s Head of Programming for CinemAmbiente Film Festival. He is currently a member of Torino Film Lab Selection Committee for the FrameWork program.

Isabel Orellana Guarello

Graduated in Film and Television from the University of Chile. She perfected her studies alongside filmmakers such as Kossakovsky and several international co-production projects. Since 2012, she is a programmer for the Valdivia International Film Festival, where she selects films for competition and guests. In parallel, in 2014 she produced the documentary ‘Blanca muerte’ (Golden Dove Award, DOK Leipzig 57), and founded Araucaria Cine, where she works on documentary and fiction projects.

Nicolas Azalbert

After 10 year’s work at the Toulouse Cinemathèque, he became a film critic for “Les Cahiers du Cinéma’ in 2000. He worked as a correspondent during 6 years in Argentina, where he also shot two movies: ‘Otherwise I’II suffocate’ (2003) and ‘What if I was a fern?’ (2005). Since 2009 he’s member of the editorial board and since 2013 he’s programmer for the Biarritz Festival Latin America. He just finished a new movie: ‘The ember the ashes’ (2015).

New Views

Amaranta Cesar

Amaranta Cesar is a research teacher in the Cinema and Audiovisual Course at the Reconcavo Federal University of Bahia. She holds a PhD in Film Studies from the University of Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle and has a Post-doctorate from the New York University. Since 2010, she coordinates and curates CachoeiraDoc – Waterfall Documentary Film Festival. She has worked as a curator in several exhibitions and festivals, such as the Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro and Cinema and the Exhibitions 50 Years of African Cinema.

Inge de Leeuw

Inge de Leeuw studied Cultural Studies and Film & Television Studies in the Netherlands. She started working at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) in 2006, which she combined with working in film production. Inge de Leeuw is selecting films for IFFR from the English speaking territories and is in the selection committee of the Tiger Awards Competition. For IFFR she curated several thematic programmes about the relationship between film and popular culture.

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikeelsen is a programmer at CPH:DOX – Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival – since 2008. CPH:DOX is one of the largest documentary festivals in the world with an internationally recognized profile that borders on staging, visual art and performance as well as other art forms. Besides programming for CPH:DOX de is an associate programmer at the Danish Film Institute / Cinematheque, and a contributor to various national and international magazines and publications about film.

Hors Pistes Award

Charlene Dinhut

Charlene Dinhut works at the Centre Pompidou Paris, as film curator. She also works as a film curator at the Museum for Hunting and Nature, a very peculiar venue in Paris for contemporary art.

Geraldine Gomez

Geraldine Gomez works at the Centre Pompidou Paris, as film curator. Holder of a thesis in history of the contemporary art, Geraldine Gomez impassions herself for the image and notes with pleasure how much the new media contributes to its modernity. In 2005, she invented the event Hors Pistes.

Critics' Award (Abraccine)


Carro Rei

Director: Renata Pinheiro.
Screenplay: Renata Pinheiro, Sérgio Oliveira e Léo Pyrata.
Production: Aroma Filmes.


Director: Diego Florentino.
Screenplay: Sônia Procópio.
Production: Filmes Trópico.

Entre a Sola e o Salto Tem o Vão

Directors and Screenplay: Fernanda Chicolet e Thaís Fujinada.
Production: Sobretudo Produção.

Raia 4

Director and Screenplay: Emiliano Cunha.
Production: LockHeart Filmes.


Director: Diego Hoeber.
Screenplay: Diego Hoeber e Ricardo Alves Jr.
Production: Tardo Filmes.

Seria Kelly

Directors and Screenplay: Marcelo Caetano e René Guerra.
Production: Bananeira Filmes.

Sick, sick, sick

Director and Screenplay Alice Furtado.
Production: Oceano Produções, Estúdio Giz


PANEL / The Role of Ancine’s International Consultancy

Information on support programs, co-production agreements and notices for international co-productions with FSA.

PANEL / Meeting with Ancine

Information on News performance lines of the National Cinema Agency.


The Paraná Audiovisual Forum aims to bring together the largest possible number of professionals involved in audiovisual activities to discuss, organize and forward the demands of this sector to the municipal, state and federal governments, as well as to reflect on alternative organizations of professionals working in our field.


Kidlat Tahimik.


Nathan Silver


Stéphane Goudet


Lisandro Alonso

DEBATE / Cinema and the March of Modernity

Fábio Allon and Joel Ramalho.
Mediator: William Biagioli.

DEBATE / Digital Cinema Criticism

Ariel Schweitzer, Luiz Carlos Oliveira Jr. and Rodolfo Stancki.
Mediator: Felipe Furtado.

DEBATE / The Role of Classic Movies in Shaping our Gaze

Pablo Villaça, Paulo Camargo and Pedro Plaza.
Mediator: William Biagioli

DEBATE / Preservation and Dissemination: the Role of Cinematheques in the Digital Age

Bernard Payen and Fernando Severo
Mediator: Betch Cleinman

DEBATE / Fictional Documentary, Documentary Fiction – Hybrid Forms and Processes

Larissa Figueiredo and Rafael Urban
Mediator: Amaranta Cesar


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