Agnés Wildenstein

Born in France, was living in Paris, lives now in Lisbon, Portugal. Worked 10 years at La Cinémathéque Française, the twelve years at Locarno International Film Festival, as a programmer. She is a permanent jury member of the Jean Vigo Prize. Now she is associate programmer for DOCLISBOA.

Allan Ribeiro

Graduated at Cinema from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), he has directed and written 11 shot-films, notably Ensaio de Cinema (2009), O brilho dos meus olhos (2006) and A dama do Peixoto (2011). In 2012 he directed Esse anor que nos consome, his first feature film, which premiered at the Brasilia Festival and received 3 awards in 10 brazilian cities, notably Special Jury Award at the APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics) and the Audience Award at the Olhar de Cinema – CIFF 2013.

Diego Lerer

Critic and editor of the Clarin Film section, between 1992 and 2012. BFA in Communication Sciences. Diego was also a professor of semiotics at the Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica. He was granted a scholarshio at the Journalism Fellowship Program at the University of Michigan, and is coauthor of the book Nuevo cine argentine. He is president of Fipresci – Argentina and was vice president of this federation internationally. He has a blog called Micropsia and writes for Inrockuptibles y Otros Cines, among others.

Olhares Brasil

Cláudio Marques

Cláudio was an editor and critic for the Coisa de Cinema newspaper during eight years (1995-2003). Responsible for the programming at the Sala Walter Silveira, he idealized and currently manages the Espaço Itaú de Cinema – Glauber Rocha. Cláudio is the idealizer behind the Panorama International Coisa de Cinema. He has directed 6 shortfilms, which have won 52 awards in total. Depois da chuva, his first feature film, won three awards at the 46th Brasilia Festival and was shown at the 43rd Rotterdam Film Festival, at the 16th BAFICI and at the 32nd Uruguay Film Festival.

Jacobine van der Vloed

Jacobine van der Vloed is a freelance media consultant, advisor and trainer. She worked for over ten years for the International Film Festival Rotterdam, as well as in many other capacities within the industry in 2013. Jacobine setted up a media consultancy company, JVTP Media Consulting. Currently, Jacobine works as a talent agent for the directors & screenwriters at Amsterdam, Jacobine graduated with a Masters Degree in Cultural History from the University of Ultrecht in 2002.

Roger Koza

Member of FIPRESCI (The International Federation of the Cinematographic Press), Roger Koza works for La Voz del Interior (Córdoba, Argentina) as a film critic; He also writes about cinema for Ñ and Con los ojos abiertos. Koza is also programmer at Filmfest Hamburg, in Germany, and FICUNAM, in Mexico. He’s also Artistic Director at FICIC and DocBuenos Aires. He has participated as a jury member at IFFR,, Locarno Film Festival, Golden Apricot Film Festival, BAFICI, among others.

New Views

Betrina Steinbrügge

Betrina Steinbrügge is diretor of the Kunstverein in Hamburg (Germany). She worked for the Kassel Documentary Film Festival and from 2001 to 2007 she was the director of Halle für Kunst in Lüneburg. She teaches at the Haute École d’Art et de Design, in Genebra since 2009 and since 2014 is professor for art theory at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. In 2011, she was a curator at La Kunsthalie Mulhouse. Since 2007 Steinbrügge is co-curating Forum Expanded at the Berlin International FIlm Festival. From 2010-13 she worked as chief curator at the Belvedere in Vienna.

Charlene Dinhut

Charlene Dinhut works at the Centre Pompidou Paris, as film curator. She also works as a film curator at the Museum for Hunting and Nature, a very peculiar venue in Paris for contemporary art.

Ilana Feldman

Ilana Feldman holds a PhD in Cinema by ECA/USP with a passage at the University Paris VIII Department of Philosophy, Arts and Aesthetics. She is currently in her post-doctorate course in Literary Theory at UNICAMP, with research Os Diários Cinematográficos de David Periov: do privado ao político, and acts as a curator for the cycle O Cinema e o Irrepresentável, at the Sao Paulo Center Jewish Culture. Her book, Jogos de Cena: ensaios sobre o documentário brasileiro contemporâneo, will be published in 2014 by Contraponto publishing house.

Critics’ Award (Abraccine)



LECTURE / Audiovisual Fund

The Ancine – Agência Nacional de Cinema, in partnership with the Olhar de Cinema, Festival Internacional de Curitiba and the Parana Audiovisual Industry Union (Siapar), presentes the Audiovisual Fund Sector Seminar in Curitiba-PR.

MASTERCLASS / Actor Jean-Claude Bernardet

Masterclass with Jean-Claude Bernardet, with the projection of the short-film ‘A navalha do avô’, by Pedro Jorge, in which he played the protagonist.

PANEL DISCUSSION / Genre Cinema in Brazil

The panel aims to analyze the current domestic production from the perspective of film genres, drawing a parallel with past investments and reflecting on possible future paths for Genre Film in Brazil.

PANEL DISCUSSION / Festival Programming

We know that the coverage of a film receives at certain film festivals are determinant for its subsequente career in the world. There are at least a dozen major festivals in the world today which serve as a plataform for established filmmakers, but which still remain concerned with discovering new and compelling cinematic motions.

PANEL DISCUSSION / The Actor and Their Processes

What are the possible paths so the actor may find the character? How does the communication between actor and director take place when building the character’s dramaturgy? When does the actor become author? The techniques and praxis of the film actor in a conversation on personal trajectories.

Book Release

Introdução ao Desenho de Som – Uma Sistematização Aplicada na Análise do Longa Metragem Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira (Author: Débora Opolski).

Book Release

Lei da Ancine comentada (medida provisória nº 2.228-1/01) (Author: Marcelo Ikeda).

Book Release

Leis de Incentivo para o Audiovisual – Como captar recursos para o projeto de uma obra de cinema e vídeo (Author: Marcelo Ikeda).

Sebrae-PR Lectures for the Film Industry


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