The Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba International Festival workshops aim to expand and sharpen the senses of its participants for the most varied facets of film and provide an additional experience during the days of the festival.

Project Development – conception and strategies

The workshop has the objetctive to guide producers and directors to structure their feature films projects for editals and public calls. The proposal is to work also the creative aspects as well the strategies for development and production, analasing and discussing the principal topics that composes a Project conception.

Luana Melgaço

Luana Melgaço, from Belo Horizonte, is a partner of Anavilhana. As a producer and na executive producer, has already been part in more than 20 films, between shorts and features, with emphasis for “The sky above” (2009), “Swirl” (2020), “Sopro” (2012) and “Where I grow old” (2016). Her films were shown and awarded on the most importante film festivals in Brazil and abroad, in addition to being commercially released. She was a university professor for 3 year and frequently was a speaker on workshops about themes related to film production.

Beyond the Bechdel Test: the women’s representation on cinema

Sesc Paço da Liberdade - Praça Generoso Marques, 189

From key-conepts of feminist film theory, that aproches thinkers as Laura Mulvey, Teresa de Lauretis and Bell Hooks, to more recente theories about queer cinema, the workshop intents to give a panoram of how the presence os women on cinema has been read nos just for a historical sexist cinephilia, but also for feminist thought it self. It will be shown a retrospective of how Art History shaped a specific view on women body and how cinema braced this way of see. Besides the theoretical content, the workshop intents to prensent films directed by women who gave power for this discussion. It’s more about to show why we should look better to this other filmography, that breaks the patterns of a goddess-woman, a passive-women, supporting-woman, through the screening of inserts of films that stress and question the ideia of feminism in the audiovisual. Among the debated directors we will find Chantal Akerman, Agnès Varda, Margarethe Von Trotta, Dee Rees, Anna Muylaert and Naomi Kawase. There will be an introduction to today’s context, in Brazil and abroad, about how women are represented on cinema, demonstrations of how the women directors quoted before try subvert this way of view.

Carol Almeira

Carol Almeira has been writing about cinema for more than 15 years, she is part of Abraccine (Brazilian Association of Cinema Critics) and of the national colective group Elviras, composed by women who write and think about cinema, as well she is part of Mape (Audiovisual Women from Pernambuco State). Currently, she is a PhD student in the Post-Gratuate Programo of Comunication at Pernambuco Federal University, with emphasis on the research about the relation between cinema and cities.

Programming and Distribution – Encouragement to Circulation of Brazilian Films

Centro Cultural Sesi Heitor Stockler de França - Av. Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 458

In a time of absolute domain of blockbusters films and tv series, how can Brazilian authoral films enlarge its visibilty and achieve a bigger audience? How can programmers ans producers deal with this chalenge? The first step it to understand how this Market Works and how it have come changing.

The workshop will cover the many possibilities of circulation of Brazilian films, authorals and independent, short, medium and feature films, encouraging the critical thought. Besides evaluating the distribution and exibition markets, stablished in Brazil, it proposes the reflection about new possibilities and paths, specially trough the Internet. It intends to be usefull for those who already work or whant to work as a curators or programmersof cinemas, film clubs and festivals, as well as a producer and filmmakers, on planning the distribution of their own films.

Daniel Queiroz

Born in Belo Horizonte on 1974, fist started his work in programming for film clubs at the 1990’s decade. In 2005 and 2006, worked as a programmer for Cine Humberto Mauro. Between 2007 and 2010, worked for the Secretary of Culture of Minas Gerais State, as Audiovisual Director, been the responsable for the coordination of the foment program, Filme em Minas. Was te Programming Director of the Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival, between 2009 and 2012, also a programmer for Cine 104, between 2012 and 2016. Has worked as well on many juries and selection comissions of festivals as Brasília (2016) and Cine Guarnicê (2017). Today he is Programming Director for the Semana dos Realizadores, in Rio de Janeiro (where he participates as programmer since 2013) and he also Works on projects of film distribution.