The Festival

5 th Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba Internacional Film Festival | June, 8 -16 , 2016

In 2012, Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba IFF was born, an event with clear objectives in its essence: to provide the audience with a selection of global independent cinema, to debate historical and contemporary aesthetic trends and raise discussions on urgent social, cultural and political issues.

The foundation of a new project is always full of uncertainties, the path from idea to practice is filled with obstacles, surprises, and the necessary willingness to adapt to reality. This project was no different! Firstly, the goal was to present this new proposal to everyone, who accepted the event with an open mind a generous heart. The evolution of the audience’s reception allowed the event to take a bigger leap in search of the unknown, making the festival even more compelling. In its third edition, like a carefully planted seed, the festival finally sprouted and took root in the minds of those who made it a reality, the filmmakers, audiences, critics, crew, professionals throughout the film chain, sponsors, and supporters. The fourth edition was lightness; with an already solid ground, it was time to let go and fly in the firmly established positive atmosphere. Now comes the time for celebration, five successful years of resistance, commitment, risk and learning!

Throughout this journey, more than 300 films were screened, over 40 activities divided between roundtables, lectures, case studies, and panels, 12 workshops and an invaluable exchange of ideas with an audience of over 60,000 people. Independent cinema originating from more than 50 countries were seen and debated, and Brazilian cinema has been especially emphasized and appreciated. Marginal films, outsider films, films with a low commercial appeal, albeit firmly committed to language research, on shedding light on underappreciated issues and dealing with everyday matters through singular viewpoints.

Our utmost sincere appreciations to everyone who made this history possible, to those who are part of our present and contribute to an even brighter future with us!