There are several sections in the Olhar de Cinema – CIFF. Here you can know a little bit more of them.

/ Olhar Retrospectivo
The Retrospective presents a great name of mundial cinema with a retrospective and a deep reflection about author’s work and career.

/ Olhares Clássicos
The Classics offers a selection of the most varied movies that marked the cinema History. A panorama of works from varied countries, directors, genders and times, that above all demonstrate passion and respect for cinema and its history.

/ Foco
The Focus section presents the work of a new author, unknown or at least less seen at Brazilians festivals. A privileged chance to explore a work still in development and maturation but already within a set of films that has the needed strength to launch a name for the position of an contemporary cinema author.

Special Screenings
/ Exibições Especiais
World cinema masters, the rediscovery of films in a privilege place to national cinema highlights is what seeks the Special Screenings. It also has place to films who haven’t got its Premieres yet. Composed by films from different cultures and realities, this section merges elements from past and present, hoping to indicate future possibilities.

/ Competitiva
The section Competition for Feature and Short films is composed by a set of bets, and discovers, of just finished films, still unseen in Brasil. Here there is balance between inventiveness, comtemporany subject aprouches and power in comunication with the audience.Therefore, who watch the Competition Section films will face narratives who present its selves in a risky, committed and engaging way.

New Views
/ Novos Olhares
The New Views section is composed of films that have a greater radicality in their aesthetic proposals and, therefore, flirt with  the venture and the risk of unknown paths. There are movies that invite the audience to a lyrical dip, there are others who propose the coldness of epic distancing, others who investigate allegorical creations, there are those who bet on the encounter with the real.

Other Views
/ Outros Olhares
The Other Views of Short and Feature Films creats a dialog between just released films, unreleased movies, films that have already a national and international career in recent festivals and screenings. Who enters to watch Other Views films will always find a variety of styles, languages and approaches around urgent issues faced by the world today.

Mirada Paranaense
/ Mirada Paranaense
The section Mirada Paranaense is dedicated to present to the public a panorama of the local cinema production. The audience is invited to know the early productions of the young local filmmakers, as well to follow new works from more experient filmmakers.

Young Views
/ Pequenos Olhares
The Young Views section is dedicated to kids and teenagers with films selected to many different ages. A open place to the young spectators and their families and friends to live the festival experience, thar also holds possibilities of films for the whole family.