There are several sections in the Olhar de Cinema – CIFF. Here you can know a little bit more of them.

/ Olhar Retrospectivo
Every year the films of one great director is selected to be presented and discussed in this section.

/ Olhares Clássicos
Cinema has the power to crystallize images, sounds and sensations of all sorts in each of us. It is equally capable of revealing and deceiving us. To delight us merely by showing a reality and, through reality, transporting us into a dream. The Classics provides a broad overview of many diverse productions from different countries and directors, by creating a plural and profound mosaic which, above all, is concerned in showing its love and respect for cinema.

/ Foco
The section Focus presents a new auteur to the Brazilian audience. The section devotes its space by shedding light on young filmmakers who remain unknown or unfamiliar in the national festival circuit. A unique opportunity to explore an ongoing oeuvre, albeit already within a set of films with the necessary strength for turning a name into a contemporary cinema auteur.

Special Screenings
/ Exibições Especiais
Special Screenings presents world cinema masters and the rediscovery of films. Comprised of films from different cultures and realities, this section blends past and present, while aming toward future possibilities.

/ Competitiva
The section Competition for Feature and Short films is comprised of  films, which, while not renouncing language research and experimentalism, hold a great communicative potential with the audience. We selected films where aesthetic inventiveness and thematic power are articulated in such a way as to empower each other. Therefore, when presented with the films of the Competitive Section, the audience will encounter stories addressing contemporary issues in a risky, committed, and engaging manner.

New Views
/ Novos Olhares
The section New Views is a competitive section dedicated to invetive feature films. These films commonly share a shift in their outlook to a different territorial and cinematographic region. The New Views establishes itself as a space dedicated to narrative and aesthetic experimentation while also interested in a dialogue with its audience. A risk zone between rehearsal, documentation, and representation, able to displace the viewer to a mutable space as cinematic experience.

Other Views
/ Outros Olhares
The section Other Views for Feature and Short films is comprised in to presentd a panorama of the world cinema.

Views from Paraná
/ Mirada Paranaense
The section Mirada Paranaense is dedicated to presenting the audience with a panorama of the audiovisual production from the State of Paraná. The audience is invited to view the debut productions of young local filmmakers as well as new productions by experienced filmmakers.