Opening Night Film

The Family is a film within the current context of violence that Venezuela is experiencing. A film of
father and son who live in the outskirts of Caracas and are surrounded by the crudeness of this reality. The father operates to protect his son, while the latter seems much more fearless in the face of local violence, and acts inconsequentially in the father’s eyes. It hides a tension that is mainly triggered in the act of the son accidentally killing another boy. A work that brings us the instinct for survival within this brutalized society.

/ La familia
Venezuela, Chile, Norway, 2017, 80’, DCP, Fiction
Director: Gustavo Rondón

7/06 – 20:30 – Espaço Itaú 1, 2 e 3
Tickets: R$ 10,00 | R$ 5,00 (for students)