Curitiba_Lab is a space for the development of film projects, selecting a total of 6 projects whose producers and/or directors will spend 5 days being monitored and guided by film professionals who will analyze the projects and indicate their strengths and weaknesses to guide producers to make their products more attractive and viable. At the end of five days of immersion, those involved will present their projects for a judging panel, competing for the award Best Curitiba_Lab Project.

This year, Curitiba_LAB will be held in partnership with SESI / PR and will be called the Audiovisual Dramaturgy Center – Curitiba LAB SESI / PR, which provides three modules for immersion in fiction, documentary and series.

The subsmissions are now closed.

The 8 selected projects for Curitiba_LAB SESI/PR 2017 that are going to pass through an immersion with four consultants from June 5 to 9.

Screenwriter: Juliana Sanson
Production Company: Fabulário Filmes

Screenwriter: Mariana Tesch Morgon
Production Company: Lusco Fusco Filmes Ltda. – EPP

Barões detrás do morro
Screenwriter: Marcela Bordin e Germano de Oliveira
Production Company: Avante Filmes, Besouro Filmes, Casa de Cinema

Screenwriter: Fernanda Pessoa
Production Company: Moro Filmes

Screenwriter: Bruno Carboni, Marcela Bordin
Production Company: Tókio Filmes

O homem cordial
Screenwriter: Iberê Carvalho, Pablo Stoll
Production Company: Pavirada Filmes

O vulto do pássaro
Screenwriter: Douglas Soares e Humberto Carrão
Production Company: Glaz Entretenimento

Sereis uma só carne
Screenwriter: Andréa Kalaboa e Tiago Lipka
Production Company: GP7