Selected – Brazilian Feature Films

Check out the selected Brazilian feature films for the main sections of the #6olhardecinema. All of them are having their Brazilians Premieres. Still another Brazilian films will be announced in other festival sections.

Competition | Feature

/ Fernando
Brazil, 2017, 70’, DCP, Documentary, Fiction
Igor Angelkorte, Julia Ariani, Paula Vilela
The film revieals the life of a 74 years old artist-teacher in Brazil today. Fernando is provoked to interpret his own life, merging reality and fiction. Faced with a serious heath problem, he follows a fullfield routine of art projects and art desires.

/ Navios de Terra
Brazil, 2017, 70’, DCP, Hybrid
Simone Cortezão

For many years, the mountain is moved between two countries – Brazil and China. Rômulo, an ex- mineworker, and now a sailor, heads into his first journey taking part of the mountain towards another one.
At the vast ocean, he meet other travellers, and during his constant nightmares, he finds memories and the earth’s spirit. Here are he, in a everyday work at the ship, crossing lands and languages, lost in translations.

Other Views | Feature

/ A casa de Lucia
Brazil, 2017, 70’, DCP, Documentary
João Marcelo, Lucia Luz

Recently married, Lucia left Syria in a hurry with her husband’s family. Living in refuge in Brazil for two years, an unexpected trip takes Lucia to the Christmas reunion of her parents and siblings, who live in Kuwait. Through recordings made by herself, we come to know her story and the constant changes that affect her world.

/ Homem livre
Brazil, 2017, 84’, Ficction
Alvaro Furloni

After spending years in prison for a crime that shocked the country, Hélio Lotte, a former rock star, finds refuge in a humble evangelical church. All he wants is to be forgotten, but his past comes back to haunt him. Caught between the growing hostility of the congregation and his own paranoia, Hélio senses that something bad is about to happen again.

/ Meu corpo é político
Brazil, 2017, 72’, DCP, Documentary
Alice Riff

My Body is Political talks about the everyday life of four transgender people who live in poor neighborhoods in São Paulo. The narrative is developed with a mix of their intimate lives and broader social context, raising questions about the brazilian transgender community and their political disputes.

New Views

/ Garatujas, badamecos e outros monstros
Brazil, 2017, 75’, DCP, Documentary, Experimental
João Castelo Branco, Elizabeth Moreschi

In a preschool class at the outskirts of the city, children of four and five years-old draw and paint. They show us the importance of the trace, of the color composition and the act of drawing and painting itself. Act that follows the path of make believe and plays an important role in the meaning-making process, in a mix of spontaneous Surrealism and Action Painting. The drawings and paintings also bring up the monsters that live within the deep shadows in each of us.

Views from Paraná

/ Entre nós, o estranho
Brazil, 2016, 83’, DCP, Documentary
Guto Pasko
In Prudentópolis in southern Brazil, 75% of the population are of Ukrainian origin. There, the “Brazilians” have always been obliged to share it, involuntarily, the customs and traditions of this people, which “imposed” on a day-to-day life of the local population for more than a century, generating many conflicts with those who are not Ukrainian. But the process of acculturation arrived, and for everyone.