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Fragment 53

/ Frammento 53

Italy/Swizterland, 2015, 71', DCP

When and Where

  • 21:30 Cineplex (Sala 4)
  • 17:15 Cineplex (Sala 4)

‘Fragment 53’ is a documentary film on war considered in its necessary and universal dimension, faced both as an actual and archetypical event. The phenomenon has been investigated on the field in Liberia, a country of peculiar, radical and unsettled conflicts, presenting sceneries, personalities and events ascribable to the essential warfare that the authors aim to evoke. The film develops through a set of first person accounts selected from a wider amount of interviews with eminent warriors, generals and warlords collected in Liberia between 2011-2014.


Federico Lodoli, Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli

Federico Lodoli is an author of several feature-lenght documentaries and a researcher in Philosophy, currently writing his PhD for the EHESS in Paris. Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli is a director & visual artist. His film research is rooted in his art practice: mainly project-oriented, it develops from theoretical researches then acted in a wide range of media.


Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Federico Lodoli
Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Federico Lodoli
Tommaso Bertani, Federica Schiavo
Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Federico Lodoli
Production Company
Ring Film
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  • CPH:DOX, New:Vision competition
  • Ann Arbor Film Festival in competition
  • Goteborg Film Festival